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Saturn Getting You Down?


We get it. Saturn transits can be a slow dance, but amidst the struggles, there’s a unique magic – like the seven songs below.


Saturn, where a season endures for seven earthly years and the orbit spans 28 revolutions around the Sun.


Keeper of Time.

Enigmatic taskmaster.

Lord of Karma.


A muse for finding your way in the world, and the liberation of innate gifts


Saturn inspires artists across genres to delve into themes of time, introspection, and the cosmic dance of life.


While Saturn’s influence remains a formidable force, it is a muse for artists across genres, inspiring them to explore themes of time, introspection, and labour.

Kacey Musgraves


In the opening line of Deeper Well (2024), Kacey Musgraves sings:


“My Saturn has returnedWhen I turned twenty-sevenEverything started to change”


There’s no going back with Saturn because the gravitational pull of Karma has orchestrated a profound shift.


The singer’s introspective journey mirrors the transformative power associated with Saturn’s return. 


Change begins to unfold, ushering in a new chapter of growth and self-discovery.

Angie McMahon


Angie McMahon is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician.


The hauntingly beautiful “Saturn Returning” aligns with the astrological concept of Saturn’s Return (2023), a time when the planet completes a full orbit since one’s birth.


Saturn is a muse for the transformative cycles of life, resonating with Saturn’s symbolism as a cosmic timekeeper overseeing the evolution of self.



SZA’s “Saturn” (2024) captivates with its ethereal R&B soundscape, exploring themes of distance and introspection.


As Sza contemplates the vastness of space, the song mirrors Saturn’s majestic rings, symbolising the emotional space between individuals. SZA’s soulful expression evokes the gravitational pull of Saturn’s mysteries.

Tori Amos

Tori Amos, in “Silent All These Years,” (1992) reflects on the silent journey of self-discovery, resonating with the reflective nature of Saturn.


The piano-driven ballad is a muse,  echoing the cosmic peace surrounding the ringed planet and inviting listeners to find solace in their silence.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “Karma” (2022) may not explicitly mention Saturn, but its exploration of cause and effect aligns with the karmic cycles associated with the ringed planet.


Swift’s lyrics reflect the cosmic balance, where actions reverberate through the universe, mirroring Saturn’s role as the cosmic judge of deeds.

Valerie June


Saturn rules time, and in Valerie June’s “Just in Time,” (2017) she acknowledges our intricate dance with time as a muse.


June’s magic is that time can be stretched, swirled, or unfolded within the recesses of her mind. 


In June’s world, labour, longing, and reverie coexist harmoniously to create beauty. 

Sleeping at Last


Sleeping at Last’s instrumental masterpiece, aptly titled “Saturn“,  (2014) becomes a sonic meditation on the beauty and melancholy of the ringed planet.


The orchestral arrangement and ambient soundscape invite contemplation, allowing listeners to lose themselves in the vastness of space and the timelessness of Saturn’s rings.

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