52 Things to Do in 2016

1. Set a one-to-three word intention for the year

2. Book your health check up and specialist appointments for 2016

3. Take stock of your time-wasting activities and eliminate them from your life Tweet This

4. Book a session with a financial coach to set your goals for the year

5. Learn to hustle with heart and soul

6. Look into people’s eyes during conversations

7. Find out what phase of the moon you were born under #superpower

8. Bake a cake and have an intimate afternoon tea-party

9. Prioritise pleasure by writing down 10 things that turn you on

10. Travel – for a weekend, a week, a month or a season. But travel

11. Visit an art gallery in your city

12. Spend a day decluttering your home

13. Spend an afternoon decluttering your computer

14. Get down and dirty by planting herbs or a garden

15. Pay yourself first; invest money in your future

16. Attend a conference and show up in your brilliance

17. Commit to one networking function a month and work the room

18. Cut fresh flowers for your home

18. Get lost in your own city

19. Go meat free at least two days a week

20. Mark 2016 Mercury retrograde dates in your diary*

21. Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th

22. Set intention on each new moon

23. Practice fearlessness regularly; speak up when afraid, be seen when vulnerable

24. Explore one of these ancient feminine myths; Lilith, Ceres, Pallas Athena, Vesta or Juno Tweet This

25. Spend a day being a tourist in your own city

26. Walk when and where possible

27. Refine your public image for the woman you are now and book a session with a professional make-up artist**

28. Create big magic

29. Practice random acts of flirting with the ones you love

30. Celebrate the Solstices***

31. Celebrate the Equinoxes****

32. Embrace the new economy by learning a new skill Tweet This

33. Make someone else’s day at least once a month

34. Plan a picnic for each season

35. Buy gifts as you see them

36. Invite love into your life

37. Refine your signature style*****

38. Explore mystery

39. Read a literary classic by a female author

40. Stay off social media at least one full day a month

41. Visit your local observatory to gaze at wonder

43. Dedicate time to a daily practice of witnessing, meditation and stillness

44. Create an altar for your home and place objects sacred to you on it

45. Prioritise work-life separation over work-life balance Tweet This

46. Write to a woman you admire

47. Go pro. Go global

48. Send handwritten Christmas cards

49. Smudge your home each dark moon phase before the new moon

50. Reflect

51. Record life lessons as you have them

52. Celebrate family and friends

  • *Mercury Retrograde 2016: 1. January 5th – January 26th 2. April 29th – May 22nd 3. August 30th – September 22nd 4. December 19th – January 28th (2017)
  • **Emily Onikul of Little Fox Make-Up Artistry is my go-to makeup artist for putting my best face forward
  • ***Summer/Winter Solstice: June 20 2016 22:34 GMT and December 21 2016 10:44 GMT
  • ****Spring/Autumn Equinox: March 20 2016 04:30 GMT  and September 22 2016 14:21 GMT
  • *****Lynne Stockdale from Stylish You works with creating a signature style
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