Venus ~ Goddess of Love and Beauty


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In the Roman pantheon, Venus was revered as the yielding, watery female principle, essential to the generation and balance of life. The first known temple to Venus was dedicated in 295 BC.


The mythology of Venus adopted the qualities of the Greek Aphrodite and became identified with various previous goddesses and the planet Venus, specifically the Babylonian goddess Ishtar.


Venus formed fully from sea foam to become a widely referenced deity in art and literature. Because of her association with love and feminine beauty, the goddess Venus has long been a muse in history.


Or as we at GlobalWoman call it, Herstory.

Exploring the Goddess of Love and Beauty


Venus was the mother of Cupid, the mischievous god of love, often depicted with wings and a bow and arrow.


Venus was born from the sea foam after the castration of Uranus by his son Saturn, and she emerged from the sea and floated to the shore on a shell.


In addition to her association with love and beauty, Venus was also considered a protector of gardens and vineyards, reflecting her connection to fertility.


Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, equivalent to the Greek goddess Aphrodite.


The statue Venus de Milo, is believed to represent the goddess and is considered one of the most iconic sculptures of ancient Greece, now displayed in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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“At night I observe Venus, closely following the transitions of this beautiful Damsel.

I prefer her as the Evening Star, when she appears as if out of nowhere, as if by magic, and goes down behind the Sun.

A spark of eternal light.

It is at Dusk that the most interesting things occur, for that is when simple differences fade away.

I could live in everlasting Dusk.”



One Goddess. One Muse. One Course. Four Weeks.



Starting September 3rd, embark on a transformative journey over four weeks dedicated to unravelling the mystery and mythology of this powerful Goddess.


We’ll explore her profound cultural impact and understand her role as a muse in creating and crafting your life.


Yes, Venus is a symbol in Astrology and your chart.


The course is:

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Week 1


Who is Venus? You will meet the Goddess and delve into her sometimes complex origin story and themes to set the stage for your transformation.

Week 2


Explore Venus’s themes and mythology to unravel the intricate stories and timeless narratives that define her essence.


Week 3


Where is Venus? Now it’s time to dive into the presence of Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, in your chart, and how she plays out as a muse in your life.

Week 4


What does the myth mean? The focus is on integration, with knowledge gained to craft the muse’s story into the consciousness of your own life.

*closes April 22nd

*enrolment closes August 26th

Have questions? We’ve got answers…

Are these courses only for women?

The course is open to adults of all genders. 

Do I need to know Astrology?

Each course is open to adults of all genders. 

I’d like to take the course with a friend.

Wonderful. Each person will need to purchase and register for the course.

Are the Q & A Calls Recorded?

All live classes are recorded and uploaded within 48 hours to the course page, along with a chat transcript and class summary.


You will have access to the recordings for 120 days after the course ends, and you can re-watch as many times as you like in that window.


If you’re unable to make the call but have questions, you will have the opportunity to email your questions through. 

Will I have access to the materials after the course ends?

You will have access to the written course materials forever.


The video recordings of each live call will be deleted after 120 days, to respect participants’ privacy. You can re-watch as many times as you like in that window.

What technology do I need to participate?

1. The two  Live Q & classes take place on Zoom. You can video call using their software, or you can call from your phone without video.


2. All the course material content lives on globalwoman.com. Therefore, you will need web access and an email address to participate.

Will the course dates change?

We do our best not to change the dates.


That said, it’s hard to know what will happen in advance, so all dates are susceptible to change and if that has to happen, I’ll do my best to let you know with plenty of advance notice.

How are the course materials delivered?

You will receive an email on Tuesday morning (PST) with instructions on accessing the course materials


You can review the materials as they’re released or work at your own pace. Either way, the choice is yours.

What is the refund policy? 

There are no refunds for this course so please be sure you wish to purchase before doing so. 🤔

What happens after I enrol and pay?



You will receive a receipt for your payment as well as an email from GlobalWoman with instructions for the next steps to get started on your pre-course learning.


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