Leo Season | The Roar and Purr of the Lioness

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Leo Season is here baby...hear me purr

When the Sun enters the sign of Leo on July 24th, the area of your chart, and life ruled by the fiery lion comes into play. 


The Sun shines brightly on that area of your life and It’s time to play on that stage.

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Queen, your Reign Awaits


Enough hiding under the covers and the crabby Cancer shell. With the Sun shining in its ruler Leo now is the time to rise and shine.


Grab your most regal and glamorous clothes, add your most sparkling jewels, style your mane of hair and pop your crown on.

Get your Queen on in Leo Season


You are well-rested from your self-imposed Cancer Season hibernation and are full of exuberance, courage and confidence.


Your personal Queendom awaits for you to reign in and over. Now is not the time for sitting back and being modest.


Under Leo, you recognise your sovereignty. That you rule over yourself, and that you, and only, you have authority over your life.


A fixed fire sign, Leo is ready to lead with enthusiasm and passion.


Leo’s gifts are the ignition of a spark of an idea into a creative project. You see potential and embody it with the leadership capacity to bring it to life.


You are your muse.

What to watch out for in Leo Season


• Not allowing others their shine. Remember, there is enough Sun for everyone

• Not acknowledging the sovereignty of other women

• Excess and extravagance – go out, have fun, indulge but be mindful that Virgo season (read discipline) is around the corner

• Choosing to stay in ‘Princess Land’.

Leo Season Affirmation


I shine to serve. I serve and shine.

Leo is Latin for Leo


Leo is the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation Leo, lying between Cancer the crab to the west and Virgo, the maiden to the east.


Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits Leo between July 23rd – August 23rd.

Leo’s mission is to give you purpose and passion and glitter.

Wherever you find ♌ Leo in your chart, expect to…


  • Flirt
  • Play
  • Shine
  • Love
  • Seek attention
  • Have a mane of hair
  • Create
  • Perform




Wear leopard print

Leo’s Luminous Radiance

Whereas Cancer and its ruler, the Moon, are at home being at home, Leo is not having any of that. 


Leo embodies, ‘All the worlds a stage’ whilst doing jazz hands.


Where Leo resides in your chart, – houses, planets, symbols and points – a call for attention, expression and dignity emerges.

Leo Keywords


Regal, confident, creative, passionate, charismatic, dramatic, enthusiastic, leadership, generosity, bold, expressive, vibrant, flamboyant, proud, ambitious, loyal, playful.

Leo is the Ruler of the Sun


Leo is commonly linked to the 5th house and the Sun, which, despite not being a planet, is one of the two luminaries in the sky, the other being the Moon.


Friend, it’s important to note that Leo’s expressions and manifestations in your chart and life are determined by the House it rules and aspects and placements.


But expect a desire for attention, passion, playfulness, and many other qualities wherever Leo is placed in your astrological chart.


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