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Sun, Earth and Moon: The Lunar Mystery


At the centre of each Full Moon is the Sun. As the Earth orbits around the Sun, the ever-changing lunar cycles unfold, visible from our perspective.


The Moon, captured in Earth’s orbit, reflects the Sun’s brilliance, resulting in the waxing and waning phases we witness.


The Full Moon is always in the opposite sign of the Sun.

Degree and Time of Aquarius Full-Moon 2023



9° 15′ Aquarius


• BST Full-Moon Tuesday, August 1st 19:31pm

• AEST Sydney Wednesday August 2nd, @4:31 am

• EDT New York, Tuesday, August 1st, @2:31 pm

CST Mexico City, Tuesday, August 1st, @12:31 pm

• SGT, Singapore Wednesday, August 2nd, @2:31 am

• IST Mumbai, Wednesday, August 2nd, 12:01 am

• WAT, Lagos, Tuesday, August 1st, @7:31 pm

• CEST, Rome, Tuesday, August 1st, @8:31 pm


2022 vs 2023: Aquarius Full-Moon 


In 2022, the Full Moon in Aquarius took place at 19° 21′ ♒️ on August 12th (BST), coinciding with Saturn retrograding at 22° 6′ Aquarius.


Since August 12th of 2022, there have been some significant planetary movements.


Transiting Saturn moved into Pisces, while Pluto shifted from Capricorn to Aquarius but is currently in retrograde at 28° 55′ Capricorn.


Now, in 2023, the Aquarian Full Moon peaks at 9° 15′.


It’s worth noting that this upcoming Full Moon will be approximately four degrees away from forming an exact square with Mars at 13° 14′ Scorpio and Jupiter at 13° 41′ Taurus.

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Sun in Leo, Full-Moon in Aquarius | Embracing Individuality, Celebrating Community

Where Leo is passionate, Aquarius is detached.

Where Leo is focused on the ‘individual’, Aquarius is part of the collective community.

Where Leo is our sun essence, Aquarius is about the universal good.

Where Leo is fiery, Aquarius is air.

The Leo/Aquarius Axis in your Chart

Which houses in your chart are ruled by Leo and Aquarius? 

Don’t know? Click here to create your chart, the GlobalWoman Way.

For the 2023 Aquarius Full Moon, look for symbols in your chart between 7°- 11°.


The closer to 9° 15′ Aquarius, the more powerful the influence and activation.

The Meaning of a Full-Moon 


The Full Phase is the flowering of the cycle when the meaning of the life purpose is revealed and must be infused into the structure built during the waxing half of the process.


The Full Moon is the peak of the light and lunar cycle and total illumination of the vision is the promise of this phase.


The symbolic seed flowers.


• Moon rises at sunset, sets at dawn

• Moon is 180-135 degrees behind the Sun

• 15 days after the New Moon


During a Full Moon, the Moon is 100% illuminated as seen from Earth and is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun.


The Moon will be visible throughout the night sky rising at sunset in the east and setting with the sunrise the next morning.


The time and degree at which a Full Moon occurs can be measured down to a fraction of a second.

The Dance of Leo Individuality Meets Aquarian Community


The Sun in Leo and the Full Moon in Aquarius brings a dance of two energies, in opposition. 


The luminous focus shifts from the Leo individual to the Aquarian collective.


This dance encourages you to show up in the community, honouring your luminous radiance for the greater good. 


Aquarius, the visionary water-bearer, is all about community, friendship, and forward-thinking ideas. This is a time to break free from societal norms and embrace progressive thinking that uplifts and unites.

Radiant Revolution


“To make a revolution, people must not only struggle against existing institutions.


They must make a philosophical/ spiritual leap and become more ‘human’ human beings. In order to change/ transform the world, they must change/ transform themselves.”


Grace Lee Boggs – author, social activist, philosopher, and feminist.


Your Aquarius Full-Moon Inquiry


How will you leap into your brilliant radiance and contribute to the collective goodwill under the 2023 Aquarius Full Moon?


What commitment to forward-thinking action will you make today to see your ideas realised in the outer world by January 29th/20th, 2024?

How to Optimise this Luminous Moment



Take time to reflect on your passions, talents, and dreams. Embrace your uniqueness and ponder how your individuality can contribute positively to the world around you. 


How are you actively doing the labor of setting free your genius?


Connect and Collaborate

Engage with your community, whether in person or through virtual platforms. 


Seek out opportunities for collaboration and brainstorm ideas where you can contribute your radiant genius for the collective good.


Acts of Kindness in Community

Engage in acts of kindness and compassion in the communities that you find yourself in. Be open-minded and receptive to diverse perspectives, celebrating the richness that comes from differences.


Unique Creative Expression

Let your creativity flow freely.  Whether through art, writing, music, or any other form of expression, use this time to share your inner voice and inspire others to do the same.


Find Your Way in the World in 2024

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