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Each New Moon arrives at an exact time and degree, marking a significant moment in the new lunar cycle. 


As the Moon aligns with the Sun, its illuminated side faces away from Earth, leaving the night sky in darkness. This celestial event symbolises new beginnings, fresh intentions, and the promise and potential of a new lunar cycle.

Degree of 2023 Cancer New Moon


The Cancer New Moon of 2023 holds significant astrological significance as it occurs at 24° 55′ Cancer, directly opposing the Sun positioned at the same degree.

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Time of 2023 Cancer New Moon


18:31 July 17th UTC

Ruler of Cancer 


The ruler of the sign Cancer is the Moon.


As the celestial body closest to Earth, the Moon holds a special significance in astrological interpretations.

Meaning of 2023 Cancer New Moon


The house that the 2023 Cancer New Moon emerges in your chart provides a significant moment for you to delve into the exploration of what a radiant sense of home and security signifies for you at this present time.


Look for symbols between 22° – 26° in your chart. 


Cancer, forever governed by the Moon, remains intricately entwined within Earth’s orbit.


As the brightest and most prominent entity in our sky, the Moon significantly enhances the habitability of Earth.


The Moon’s influence extends beyond mere luminescence, as it plays a crucial role in stabilising our planet’s axial tilt, culminating in a relatively steady climate.


Moreover, the Moon orchestrates the ebb and flow of tides, instilling a rhythmic cadence that has guided humanity for countless millennia.


As the Moon exerts its influence on your earthly dwelling, its profound themes resonate with the concept of home, encompassing both your inner sanctum and external abode.


This Cancer New Moon invites contemplation of what home represents to you in the present moment, delving into the depths of your being while fostering a harmonious environment in your external surroundings.


It is a time to delve into the depths of your being, nurturing and fortifying your inner home.


Simultaneously, you are encouraged to cultivate a harmonious environment in our outer surroundings, fostering a sense of belonging and tranquillity.

Relationship between the Moon and Earth


The Moon and Earth are intricately connected through a gravitational dance that keeps them locked together in an orbital relationship.


This means that the Moon’s rotation period is perfectly synchronised with its orbit around the Earth. As a result, the same face of the Moon is always turned toward our planet.


This gravitational interaction between the two bodies creates tidal forces that shape our ocean tides.


It is a remarkable cosmic ballet that has endured for billions of years.


The Moon’s gravitational pull on Earth creates a stabilising effect, helping to maintain the planet’s axial tilt and providing a stable environment for life to flourish.


The light that illuminates the Moon and allows us to see it on Earth results from the Sun’s reflection.


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