Explorer. Trailblazer. Journey-Maker. 

Woman of the world. Feet on the ground. Soul among the stars. Visionary with a big mind, big dreams and a big curiosity. Modern, intelligent and elegant, she is a force to be reckoned with.

GlobalWoman is bold, original and unbound. GlobalWoman is a way of life.

Whether in Entrepreneur or Journey-Maker mode, GlobalWoman values freedom and flexibility above all.

The GlobalWoman Entrepreneur®

Can you relate?

You’re a woman of the revolution and nothing gets you juiced like creativity. You’d much rather blaze your own trail than follow the crowd. Possibly you already have a business that’s ticking along or a business idea on the boil, but you need some guidance from someone who’s been through it all.

GlobalWoman Entrepreneur gives women like you the guidance and support you need to do business globally.
GlobalWoman Yamini

Content is designed to help you:

  • connect with other leaders and entrepreneurs
  • figure out what to do next
  • pinpoint your superpowers and activate them
  • decide if your idea is an exciting opportunity
  • prove to you that you CAN do it
  • snap out of a business rut
  • feel inspired again by your life and business
  • shake feelings of isolation (every entrepreneur has them)
  • stay motivated and on top of things
  • work through feelings of overwhelm
  • battle procrastination and perfectionism

GlobalWoman Journey-Makers

Can you relate?

You get juiced on going to far-flung corners of the globe – not just to tick boxes or take a break, but because you feel compelled to. Something deep inside you urges you to go to that particular place. A crisis? An epiphany? On these adventures, you learn as much about yourself as you do about the destination. It’s an inner journey.

GlobalWoman Journey-Makers delves into the personal journeys of the GlobalWoman tribe – where they went, what brought them there and how it changed them forever.

Content is designed to help you:

  • learn how other woman took the leap
  • see what they found when they got there
  • relate to how travel can help activate your superpowers
  • see how a bit of distance can bring you back to where you’re supposed to be
  • describe inspirational parts of the world
  • pinpoint where you are in your life according to the stars

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