Courage, Creativity, Reinvention.

I am Yamini, founder of GlobalWoman®.

My business is helping women entrepreneurs, trailblazers and journey-makers revolutionise their businesses and their lives. Inside every woman is a GlobalWoman just waiting to be activated. All she needs is a helping hand from someone who’s been there, done it all. A GlobalWoman is a woman with a big mind, big dreams and a big curiosity.

A woman who marches to the beat of her own drum.

Every day I go to bat for my GlobalWoman sisterhood, helping them call on their intuition and hustle with style, slashing through obstacles fiercely, boldly, powerfully. This is the GlobalWoman way.

My own personal journey is a colourful tale crossing continents, industries, boundaries…it’s a story of self-discovery, spiritual growth and fortunes lost and won. With so many lessons along the way, I’ve done it all and seen it all. The good, the bad, the wondrous.

Let’s go back to the beginning.

In 2004, the name GlobalWoman came to me in a dream, loud and clear. In March 2006, the trademark for GlobalWoman was mine. Now I devote my waking moments to making big things happen for businesses. GlobalWoman Yamini

I am an educator, leader, speaker and 100% authentic GlobalWoman revolutionary.

With a career background that spans continents (UK, India, US & Australia), and industries (education, business owner, columnist, healing, retail, coaching) I am a woman committed to living a revolutionary life.

Through coaching, speaking and live events, I work with GlobalWoman leaders and entrepreneurs to help revolutionise their businesses and their lives.

So how did I get here?

Let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride.

From teacher to tantrika, to trainer, to creative GlobalWoman entrepreneur.

One where I had it all, then lost it all, then rebuilt stronger than ever. You could say I’ve had nine lives, some serious setbacks and many Madonna-style reinventions.

What has all this taught me?

Valuable lessons in life, business and branding. Because I am nothing if not resourceful.

Now I am where I was always meant to be – working with women to bring out the best in their themselves, their lives and their businesses.

My GlobalWoman mission is to show YOU my secrets. On my own winding path, I found my true calling as a creative entrepreneur who builds businesses just like yours.

Creating movement, sparkling revolutions, and helping women birth their biggest, most audacious and adventurous dreams.

Every step has been right. Every step has brought me here, to help you.

Who am I now?

GlobalWoman = creative catalyst, teacher and guide for women leaders and entrepreneurs.

Let’s start a revolution – yours.

Revolutionise With Me